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Dr. Shirley Blanc provides a variety of eyecare services, including comprehensive eye exams, optical solutions, post-concussion visual rehabilitation, and high performance vision for athletes at all levels in any sport.

Dr. Blanc is dedicated to attending to the individual needs of every person, while utilizing evidence-based approaches, specialized training and knowledge, and advanced technology.

Dr. Shirley Blanc OD, BSc, FNORA

Dr. Shirley Blanc OD, BSc, FNORA

Athletes With Previous Concussion Have 4 Times the Risk of Another

Every year, about 33 million children worldwide sustain a concussion. Even more worrying, children who have already experienced a concussion are at heightened risk of experiencing a second concussion, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis of seven research studies, the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported. While protective gear and...

3 Ways To Unlock Your True Athletic Potential

Whether you’re a pro athlete or an amateur player, sports vision training can help you improve your game by helping you efficiently process and respond to visual input.

How Sports Vision Training Can Improve a Quarterback’s Game

To be a great quarterback you need more than just speed, strength, and a competitive mentality. You also need top-notch visual skills. Learn how you can benefit from sports vision training.