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Sports Vision FAQ

How long is a training program?

A minimal program is 4-6 weeks, however for stronger retention of skills, 8-12 weeks are advised. This can be in the form of twice weekly in-office, supported with a home-based training program, or a combination of remote, on-site, and in-office training. The plan will be determined based on the individual’s needs.

What sports would be best with vision training?

Any sport would benefit from visual performance optimization to keep the eyes and brain sharp, especially in a dynamic game environment. Dr. Blanc has particular experience with elite ice hockey athletes, but has worked with athletes in other sports.

How can performance changes in the sport be measured compared to the gains made from vision training?

It can be difficult to evaluate performance metrics as a result of vision training alone, due to other intangible factors, such as concentration, anxiety, over-thinking, game sense, and experience. Studies show that the visual processing can be affected by such intangible factors. For this reason, multidisciplinary strategies which can include sports psychology or mental coaching can enhance the visual gains made from training. After all, all the vision training in the world can collapse during a game if one’s mindset is not where it should be!