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High tech equipment can allow gathering of measurable and trackable data in an assessment, vision therapy, and high performance training. Not all equipment listed will be used in every assessment or therapy/training visit.
Remember, a tool is just a tool....nothing can replace clinical expertise and experience!

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Digital Retinal Photography

digital retinal photography
  • Suggested routinely at the general eye exam, and after a traumatic brain injury to assess ocular structural integrity.
  • Advanced imaging of the back of the eye, allowing for screening of retinal conditions and glaucoma.

RightEye Eye Tracker

RightEye system
  • Neuro-optometric assessment
  • Sports high performance assessment
  • Objective metrics of visual stability and eye movements
RightEye pic 2 i

Reflex Pro Pupillometry

  • Neuro-optometric assessment and monitoring of rehabilitation progress
  • Objective data looking at pupil reactions to light, which is often affected after a concussive injury and can reflect imbalance in the autonomic system
Reflex Pro Pupillometry


  • Athlete post-concussion assessment and therapy
  • Sports high performance assessment and training
  • Reaction time separated by visual and motor component
  • Peripheral awareness training, eye-hand coordination, anticipation timing, dual tasking of central task while attending to peripheral stimuli, go-no-go, eye movement training


  • Sport high performance assessment and training
  • Post-concussion vision rehabilitation
  • 3D or 2D multiple object tracking: attending to several moving targets simultaneously
  • This task has been shown to help with working memory, sustained attention, and spatial awareness.

Senaptec Evaluation

Senaptec sensory tablet pic 3
Senaptec sensory tablet
  • Sport high performance assessment
  • Depth perception, contrast vision, ability to quickly look between near and far distances, visual memory and fast recognition

Senaptec Strobe Glasses

  • Sport high performance training
  • Trains visual processing speed
Senaptec strobe 2

Senaptec Synchrony

senaptec synchrony 1
  • Sport high performance training
  • Anticipation, timing, eye-head coordination, eye tracking, reaction time