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woman-getting-eyes-checkedA standard examination does not reveal enough information about the complexities of visual dysfunction associated with a concussive injury. However, it is important to do the standard examination after the injury, which includes testing visual acuity, measuring a vision prescription if present, and conducting a thorough eye health examination. A visual field, or peripheral vision test, is advised on that visit.

A Neuro-Optometric Assessment is then required to further investigate symptoms associated with PTVS. This specialized examination entails:

  • Eye alignment and eye teaming (the ability of the two eyes to work together at distance, near, and in various positions of gaze, as well as whether the coordination of the eyes is stressful or effortless under stress.
  • Scanning and tracking ability
  • Gaze stability
  • Focusing ability, stamina, and flexibility
  • Peripheral awareness analysis
  • Visual-vestibular function
  • Visual-spatial function and visual midline shift testing (sense of position in space)
  • Visual-verbal automaticity
  • Visual perception or processing skills