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A standard eye examination does not reveal enough information about the complexities of visual dysfunction associated with a concussive injury. However, it is important to do a general eye examination after the injury to make sure there are no prescription, visual acuity, peripheral vision, or ocular health changes.

A Neuro-Optometric Assessment is then required to further investigate symptoms associated with PTVS. This specialized examination entails:

  • Binocular vision analysis: eye alignment in all gazes at various distance, performance testing to determine how stable the eyes work together under stress
  • Eye movement analysis including smooth tracking, fast gaze changes
  • Stability of vision with head or body motion
  • Focusing ability, stamina, and flexibility
  • Spatial vision
  • Visuomotor skills
  • Integration between vision and the balance system
  • Visual perceptual and processing skills
  • Trial frame of various optical tools, e.g. prism lenses, selective lens occlusion, visual stress-relieving prescription lenses, or coloured tints to improve visual function and comfort

The assessment can take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours.