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Vision is more than 20/20, particularly in dynamic sport environments. The ability to track with the eyes, react quickly to visual information, accurately judge depth and speed, and utilize spatial awareness is essential for sport performance. Clear vision and eye protection with sport-specific eyewear correction is also important. Enhance or improve performance visual skills, guided by a vision expert. Your eyes can be your edge.

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Our Sports Vision Services:

  • sports vision assessments
    Vision leads motor. If the eyes are not taking in information or processing depth perception, position in space, or speed incorrectly, then the motor responses will be inaccurate and ill-timed.
  • volleyball
    A visual training program might be designed, for example, to be steady during the off-season, more intense in pre-season, and maintenance training during the busy season.
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    High-tech devices allow objective data to be provided, however it is ultimately the expertise of how to use this information will best benefit the athlete.
  • e sports 1OFF
    Want to know how long a vision training program will be? What sports will do best with training? Dr. Blanc answers your questions.
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  • Vision professionals can problem solve, test for, and train areas that might need further improvement. Sports vision optometrists often work with team staff to coordinate a plan for where to focus on with training the eyes.
  • rcaf
    The visual performance assessment and training program is not exclusive to sport athletes, but can also apply to law enforcement and military personnel.