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Vision is more than what you see on the letter chart. The ability to use vision effortlessly and comfortably, with accurate perceptions of where we are in our environment as well as where objects are in space, is the hallmark of how we perform and function in our daily lives. Vision impairment can occur even with 20/20 vision! When vision doesn’t work, it interferes.

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Post-Concussive Services in Toronto

As a Toronto optometrist, I am dedicated to providing thorough quality eye care for people of all ages. With the office located in Downtown Toronto, we are conveniently located for your eye exam. I address the individual needs of my patients while utilizing state-of-the art technology and knowledge of the latest in medical eye care research. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I look forward to meeting with you soon!

I have expertise in treating patients who have suffered a concussion as a result of a sports injury or car accident, as well as from other sources.

Additionally, I specialize in eye health and eye disease prevention. If you are at risk for Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration, set up an eye exam to find out what vitamins and alternative treatments can be helpful for you.

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December 1, 2018: Podcast featuring Dr. Shirley Blanc discussing vision and concussion with Ben Fanelli. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Post-Concussive Eyecare Service at Dr. Shalu Pal and Associates

Dr. Shirley Blanc conducts post-concussive assessments and visual rehabilitation treatment for those experiencing visual symptoms impacting their daily lives. She strives to provide solutions that enable individuals to conduct daily activities with less visual effort and better visual comfort as they proceed in the recovery process.

Our Post-Concussive Services:

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    Symptoms of concussion may occur immediately or may not occur for days or weeks after the injury, and can be a different presentation with each individual.
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    70% of our brain is dedicated to vision and vision processing, and 80% of all sensory processing in the entire body is directly affected by information coming in from the eyes. Thus, it is not surprising that a concussion affects the visual system in some way.
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    When vision doesn’t work, it interferes. Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome (PTVS) can impact daily function, including work, social, and recreational activities. Symptoms can vary from individual to individual.
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    It is important to do a standard examination after the injury, which includes testing visual acuity, measuring a vision prescription if present, and conducting a thorough eye health examination.
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    The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation supports evaluation and treatment of post-concussion vision disorders by an optometrist specializing in neuro-optometric rehabilitation.