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Vision is more than what you see on the letter chart. The ability to use vision effortlessly and comfortably, with accurate perceptions of where we are in our environment as well as where objects are in space, is the hallmark of how we perform and function in our daily lives. Vision impairment can occur even with 20/20 vision! When vision doesn’t work, it interferes.

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December 1, 2018: Podcast featuring Dr. Shirley Blanc discussing vision and concussion with Ben Fanelli. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Post-Concussion Eyecare Service at Dr. Shalu Pal and Associates

Dr. Shirley Blanc conducts post-concussive assessments and visual rehabilitation treatment for those experiencing visual symptoms impacting their daily lives. She strives to provide solutions that enable individuals to conduct daily activities with less visual effort and better visual comfort as they proceed in the recovery process.

Our Post-Concussion Services: