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Eye Exams in The Financial District

We often hear from our patients “We just don’t have time to visit the eye doctor?.? Both you and your optometrist know? that wh?en it comes to your eyes?,? you must find the time to see your eye doctor? – ?especially if ?the? eye care clinic is located walking distance from your office in ?t?he Financial District of Toronto.

Meet Our Eye Doctor in The Financial District

eye exam Finantial District TorontoDr. Sherliy Blanc is proud to offer a wide range of medical eye care services in one of the busiest areas of Toronto. Because our office is located so closely to many banks, commercial businesses and embassies, we see many walk-in patients who use their lunch break to visit our eye care clinic.

Dr. Blanc always advises her patients to schedule an appointment in advance. We also advi?s?e all our patients who schedule a contact lenses or eyeglasses fitting at our practice to bring their old prescription, to help our optometrist make their visit as quick and ?smooth as possible. We offer quick, professional and thorough eye examinations to all our busy patients!

Post-Concussion Eye Care Is Our Specialty!

If you ?have ?suffered a concussion recently, you must visit an post concussion vision specialist.? The typical MRI scans th?at? doctors perform at the hospital don’t show the damage your brain injury may have on your eyes.
Dr. Shirley Blanc specializes in neuro-optometric eye exam?s?, which focus on brain functions, such as sensory, motor?ic, and information processing and much more. Many of the brain functions tested during neuro-optometric exam?s? are not part of any vision testing you may have by an optometrist who runs a general practice.

If our Toronto eye care expert will detect any abnormalities during your test, she can advise you on ?the? proper treatment, ?which? may include:

  • Specialty eyeglasses and customized coloured tints that will help in stabilizing your vision.
  • Vision therapy which will help you regain the visual skills affected by the concussion.

To schedule a complete eye exam in the Financial District, Toronto call 416-367-3937 today!