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ChromaGen Self Evaluation

ChromaGen lenses can be a life changing aid for children and adults with reading difficulties involving word movement or distortion not associated with refractive error or binocular vision problems, as well as an optical corrective solution for colour deficiency commonly known as Colour Blindness. ChromaGen has FDA clearance and is patented. Do you or your child experience the following symptoms when reading?



How it works:

ChromaGen_Certified_Logo.pngThe ChromaGen lenses change the wavelength of light going into both eyes allowing the speed of the information traveling along the brain’s neurological pathways to be balanced.

1) FOR READING DIFFICULTIES WITH WORD MOVEMENT OR DISTORTION: For efficient reading, each eye has two parallel processing systems that must be balanced, and in addition both eyes must work together. If these two systems are not balanced, symptoms associated with reading can occur such as words blurring or doubling, words moving on the page, headaches, eyestrain and reduced reading speed and comprehension.

Dyslexia, by contrast, and according to the International Dyslexia Association, is a language-based neuro-biological disorder that cannot be corrected with visual aids, and is not the same as visual-based reading problems although both conditions may be present. Optometrists cannot diagnose or treat learning disorders, however are trained to diagnose and correct vision-based symptoms of reading difficulties such as headaches, blur, word movement, and double vision.

For children and adults with reading-based visual symptoms where words appear to move in some fashion, ChromaGen lenses can be effective in dramatically improving reading speed and perception. The lenses have the appearance of neutral gray and can be incorporated into a pair of glasses with the patient’s vision prescription.

2) FOR COLOUR VISION DEFICIENCIES: Colour blindness is defined as the inability to clearly distinguish between different colours of the spectrum, and can range from mild to severe. Inherited colour vision deficiencies affect 8% of males and 0.5% of females. ChromaGen lenses work by changing the wavelength of each color going into one or both eyes, which enhances color perception and color discrimination. These lenses can assist in certain colour-related tasks performed by students, as well as professionals such as electricians and graphic artists. They are not indicated as an aid for colour discrimination in occupations with strict colour vision restrictions such as police officers, and cannot be used to pass application requirements.

NOTE: A full eye examination by an Optometrist (vision and thorough eye health check) is required within one year prior to the ChromaGen Assessment. If it has been over one year, a full optometric eye examination is required prior to the ChromaGen Assessment, which may be subject to an additional fee if OHIP coverage does not apply. Children under the age of 20 are covered under OHIP annually for a full eye examination. Book an in-office assessment to determine if ChromaGen lenses are for you.